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“Since 2010, more new breweries have opened in the St. Louis area than in the previous two decades combined – and more are on the way.” – St. Louis Post Dispatch


Founded in 2012, the St. Louis Brewers Guild is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization made up of the breweries within the St. Louis Metro Area, whose purpose is to promote Saint Louis as a destination for beer aficianados, both local and tourist.

Job Opportunity: Executive Director of the St. Louis Brewers Guild

The St. Louis Brewers Guild is seeking an individual to fill the part time position of Executive Director of the Guild.

Job Description:

  • Part Time
  • Gain Guild exposure through marketing and P/R initiatives
  • Management and creation of web and social media content
  • Media buying
  • Create, plan and implement fundraising initiatives, not limited to major beer festivals, smaller one-off and ongoing events, membership/sponsorship, retail items, etc
  • Work closely and report to the Executive Board of the St. Louis Brewers Guild

The sole purpose of the St. Louis Brewers Guild is to promote all local, St. Louis beer through events, advertising and promotions. This position will be responsible for spearheading all events currently operated by the Guild, including the Heritage Festival in June and the Harvest Festival in October. They will also be responsible for creating new, fundraising events, while growing both brewery and associate memberships.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5 years experience working within or in association with the St. Louis beer community
  • Familiarity with local media outlets (print, radio and video) as well as connections with national individuals and/or organizations
  • Proficiency on web design and management
  • Comfortable and familiar with all aspects of social media with a proven history of consistent, appropriate content created for these
  • Proficiency in contract negotiations
  • Previous experience in planning, organizing and helping run large, outdoor events

All resumes should be submitted no later than December 15, 2014. Email resumes to